9 Aug 2019

11 Exterior Wall Cladding Designs

“Stone cladding Brisbane” is one of the finest decorative natural or real stones services, easy to install and maintain. Wall cladding is used to coat exterior walls made of wood, metal, concrete, stone, steel, brick etc. Some materials are used for cladding such as limestone, granite, sandstone, quartzite slate or materials that are lightweight.

Wall cladding is the best way of summing extra charm and elegance to your home. Here, different shape and size of stones are available in a variety of colours, designs, patterns and textures. It also acts as a protector on the exterior walls and maintains the temperature with the beauty of your home.

1. Wood cladding

Nowadays with the increasing popularity, you can consider wood cladding as a great sustainable choice to traditional materials. To update your home walls or get an instant styling you can have a look to wood cladding. It can give a sustainable finish to suit your wall cladding design vision. It works as a guard against different environmental conditions and serves a decorative function to the homeowners. It can be used on interior walls as well to have a unique look but it also requires timely maintenance. Basically, it provides you with a feel of nature but costs you more for installation and maintenance.

2. Brick cladding

Brick cladding is great for residential and commercial buildings. It is the most common cladding available in various colours than ever. Brick cladding protects the coated item from the various elements.

Stone cladding suppliers Brisbane will be helping you by providing the brick cladding containing the following benefits:

  • Required less maintenance
  • Raises the safety level and strength of the walls
  • Good looking
  • Efficient and reasonable

3. Ceramic cladding

It has an old history with ceramic tiles which has been used from decades for wall cladding designs. Generally, ceramic cladding is good at protecting the structure of the wall with a fantastic finish. It has durability, easy cleaning with no maintenance and resistant to weather conditions like rain and pollution. It is good for:

  • Thermal insulation
  • Noise insulation
  • Heat saving
  • Low priced
  • Low weight

4. Metal cladding

It can add an element of beauty with a modern industrial or commercial look and feel. The metal cladding is suitable for complicated shapes as well.

  • Strong and durable cladding
  • It only requires little maintenance.
  • You will get a wide variety of types and finishes with metal cladding.

5. Concrete cladding

Concrete cladding offers a cost-effective means of giving a strong, high-quality facade, with a vast mixture of long-lasting textures, colours and different patterns. It can be a great way to include every shape in your architecture.

6. Stone cladding

Stone cladding carries a huge popularity that is truly unique and cost-effective. It is a layer of natural stone applied to the exterior walls. These type of cladding will give a natural effect that is why many house owners prefer this the most. Stone cladding is available at standard sizes and also there is customized size stones as per customer’s requirements. For decorating landscape garden there is a stone cladding Brisbane service available. There are few characteristics of stone cladding:

  • Easy to install
  • Cost-effective compared to other stones
  • Available in all sizes, shapes and textures
  • Can be used in both interior or exteriors walls

7. Glass cladding

There is a wide range of glass cladding forms suitable for both residential and commercial buildings. Glass Cladding design looks exceptionally elegant and it can be colourful or transparent. You may have endless shapes and designs with multiple options of glass cladding.

8. Composite cladding

A composite material made of two or more materials. It combines recycled wood and plastic and has an exciting range of decorative and textured wall panels. It is also an alternative to timber cladding. It is suitable for any residential or low-rise commercial projects.

9. Solid surface cladding

Solid Surface cladding is cable of opening up a world of possibilities when it comes to exterior design and engineering. It offers an appreciative uniqueness and ability which separates this from any other architecture. The solid surface cladding has a broad understanding of the most straightforward fabrication and installation.

10. Metal Mash cladding

There is no doubt that metal mesh cladding design has its importance and a very unique look. Metal mesh cladding has been merging aesthetics and function in a wide range of structural applications.

11. Plastic cladding

Plastic cladding is used for exterior walls to shield the walls and improve insulation, the look of the house. When it comes to recreating the interior and exterior walls plastic cladding available in different colours and texture to fulfil your requirements.

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